Help me please !!!
My hard drive, mobile, tablet, USB … is faulty, burned … flooded… I’ve erased EVERYTHING !

Be relaxed and thing positive regarding your lost data? Every problem in our company have minimum 3 solution !!!

You can count on NIKO Computers with 15 years tradition in  IT sector to get your data back.

You only get one chance to recover your data
, e , Laptop, Cloud, Server, RAID, Virtual, Tape…

Why NIKO Computers ?

  • 98% realization for data recovery from any storage regardless the way it was lost
  • Free pickup anywhere in VIC
  • Free delivery anywhere in VIC
  • No Data – No charge
  • Starting price $250
  • Just call 0403588629 and will sort the problem
  • 4h data recovery  if we don’t need to order spare parts, If we need to made an order spare parts , delivery time is 3-4 week.
  • Any device ( PC, Laptop, HDD, mobile, Tablet, USB … )
  • We have special equipment and donors for your faulty HDD or SSD drive
  • Many spare parts for all mobile Mobil, you don’t need to buy to can get data back.
  • Investment in spacial software for data recovery to don’t have to open your device and made a scratch on it
  • Free delivery on your data back

We have around 300 happy clients ( business and residential ) around VIC.

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